What is BlogIt?

With BlogIt for MODX Revolution you can create a blog in MODX Revolution using Collections, Tagger and GetResources.

Download BlogIt 1.2.0-pl free
(over 810 downloads since 10-08-2015)

Start your MODX blog in minutes with this free easy to use MODX extra.

Three options to get BlogIt

Download BlogIt as zip package

Download from this page directly, upload to MODX manager and pay what you want.

Download from MODX website

BlogIt as official MODX extra, download and upload to MODX manager.

MODX extra Visit BlogIt Extra page

Install with Package Management

Use Package Management, in MODX manager go to 'Extras' > 'Installer' and search for 'BlogIt'.

Use Package Manager Installation steps

BlogIt screenshots

BlogIt screenshots

What does BlogIt do

When you install BlogIt, you will get a fully functional MODX blog based on Collections, getResources and Tagger.

Installation process

  1. The BlogIt package will check if you have the correct version of Collections, getResources, Tagger, ClientConfig and pThumb installed and if not, will download and install those dependencies.
  2. After that it will add the needed ClientConfig settings, BlogIt chunks, plugins, templates and snippets.
  3. Finally BlogIt will create the demo blog resources.


Installation video

See how to install BlogIt in a few minutes.

Installation steps

  1. Go to ‘Extras’ > ‘Installer’
  2. Click on ‘Download Extras’
  3. Search for ‘BlogIt’
  4. Install all needed dependecies (you need MODX Revolution 2.4.0-pl or up)
  5. Click on ‘Download’
  6. After download is finished, click ‘Back to Package Management’
  7. Click on the ‘Install’ button under the listed BlogIt Extra
  8. Read the details and click ‘Setup Options’
  9. Choose your options and click on ‘Install Package’
  10. BlogIt will be installed


BlogIt works best when you have Friendly URL's active.

To see the BlogIt options go to: 'Extras' > 'Configuration', here you will find all the BlogIt options.


I dont see any articles

Check the BlogIt options: 'Extras' > 'Configuration' adn see if your 'Blog container ID' is fulled in correctly (should be the resource ID of your blog container). Also, are your articles created and published?

The Published on field is empty

Choose a 'Published on' date for every post under the Settings tab.

I dont see any Tag options

Create and edit your tags under 'Extras' > 'Tagger' (make sure you fill in the correct blog post template ID for the tag group). After that you can assign the tags to your articles.

The Tag links are not working

Make sure you have Friendly URL's active.

Can I update BlogIt?

Yes! any update will be available via the Package Management or from blogit.mpthemes.com. You can safely update the BlogIt extra by choosing to NOT install the demo content.

Can I uninstall BlogIt?

Yes you can, this will also remove the blog it resources, and will uninstall the plugin dependencies (Collections, getResources, Tagger, ClientConfig and pThumb).

Why don't you use the Articles extra?

Articles is outdated and is not as flexible as Collections, using dependencies makes BlogIt easier to maintain and more flexible.

Are comments supported?

Not yet, but support for Quip and Disqus will be added in version 2.0.0.

Can I setup a article archive?

Not yet, but support for Archivist will be added in version 2.0.0.

Can I import old articles from the Articles extra?

Not at this time, plan to add this in version 2+

Support us

We spend a lot of time creating and maintaining this MODX Extra, please visit MPThemes.com to find our premium MODX Revolution themes and support us. Or donate any amount when downloading BlogIt from blogit.mpthemes.com.


The official site for blog it is: blogit.mpthemes.com

For feature requests and bug submissions: github.com/DESIGNfromWITHIN/blogit/issues